Benefits of Blogging Less

Benefits of Blogging Less

Beginning in May this summer, I started to get burned out with blogging. Not necessarily because I found it boring, but because I felt like I was doing so much for nothing. I was posting three times a week, my traffic was definitely decent (better than it's ever been but not good enough to make real money), but more often than not I was finding myself scrambling to get the next post up on it's ... read more

BetterBox Review

BetterBox Review

I got the opportunity to review a really interesting subscription box that's right up my alley. Kind of like Law of Attraction in a box! It's called the BetterBox and this is their description of the box from their site: "Every BetterBox is like a delightful treasure hunt designed to help you live a happier, more inspired life.  Each month you'll get a new specially-themed adventure that will ... read more


Weekend Recap – Magic Mike + Weaning + Book Preview

Just a little old-fashioned weekend recap here. How was your holiday weekend? I hope it included good food, family or friends (or both!), beautiful fireworks, and if you were lucky, a little Pony by Genuwine. Ha! 1. Magic Mike This movie did something special to my soul. I didn't go and see it expecting to see an Oscar worthy storyline, but I have to say the movie was actually pretty cute. Yes, ... read more


How to Effectively Use the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction; I used to work at Barnes & Noble and I'd see books on the subject and I seriously assumed it was about attracting a mate or something. I never took one second to read the back of one of these books, and if I would have, I probably could've avoided many years of playing a victim and weathering storm after storm. But I don't think I would've have been ready at that time in ... read more

Monthly Goals, Blocks, & Manifestations

Goals, Blocks + Manifestations

Hiii! Happy almost July. I love doing a monthly goals post, but I wanted to start recording additional things in these posts, like any blocks I had last month and what I "manifested" in the last month as well, and then share my goals for this month. I don't know if many of you have noticed that I added a new topic in my nav bar a few months back called Manifesting. So just to clarify what I ... read more